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Name: Jason "BigJ" Gembala ( Captain )
Age: 21
Position: Back/Mid
Gear:Lime Yellow Dark Shocker, stock for now, Blue Ion- qlock feedneck, cp roller trigger, cp on/off, cp shorty reg, 68/3000 PE nitro, Black Victory Boarded Halo B
Player info:
Hey..... this is BigJ.... i've been playing for about 6 years.... anyway... I'm a pretty good player I shoot pretty fast and on the field I'm usually shooting a ton of paintballs. Look for me or lookout for me cause sometimes I get a little crazy and shoot anybody.


Name: Ryan "Crippy" Peck ( Co- Captain/Webmassa )
Age: 17
Position: Back/Mid
Dust Black with blue parts DM5, M3, st reg, 18 inch dye UL, cp trigger, function on/off, blue halo b
Player Info:


Name: Kevin "Kdub" Walter
Age: 16
Position: Mid/Front
Gear: Blue Ebladed Autococker, Blue and Black Dye UL, Torpedo Reg, 68/3000 PE tank, Black Modded Halo
Player Info: I've been playing for about 4 years now. I started out with a Shi**y blade. Now I have a Intimidator I my opinion I think I've upgraded alot. I like to hunt and hang out. I'm a sophmore in high school and I'm ready to say F*** off to school.


Name: Erik "stewy" Stewart
Age: 18
Position: Front/ Snake
Gear: Gun 1) Jamie- 2002 GZ Timmy(blue), Was 2.7, LCD Clam Shell,  Evil Bolt, Shocktech ram, Evil asa, Smart parts max-flo reg, Freak
Gun 2) Jenny- 2002 GZ Intimidator(red\black), entropy, shocktech ram, delron bolt, Freak
z-board Evo 2, pmi 68\4500
Player info:
He's our newest player...more info to come later 

Name: Jim "speedy" Palenik
Age: 13
Position: mid/front
Gear:  dye 03 lcd matrix, halo, pure energy 68/4500
Player info:
Gun rips....this kid is a baller

Name: Mike "Chippy" Cieslak
Age: 16
Position: mid/front
Gear: Proto matrix, freak kit, 68/4500 tank, halo b with AFTERSHOCK board  
player info:
He's been on the team with us just havent put him on...he wasnt sure about playing but he just bought himself a ripping gat...this kid is CRAZY on the field...just listen for the yells and ull know he's coming

Name: Mike Casto
Age: 14
Position: Mid
Gear: Dark Shocker- more info to come  
player info: more to come

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